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HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

History of HACCP: HACCP was developed by Natick Pillsbury Company co-operating with NASA so as to provide microbiological safety of food for astronauts in the sixties of XX century. On the beginning of the seventies the system started to be applied in commercial companies in the US. In the middle of the seventies it started to be used in European companies.

Essence of the system:
System HACCP is versatile, it can be applied to every kind of production related to food processing. It is a tool used mostly for providing hygienic quality of products. Depending on conditions and needs of a plant the creation of the system is multistaged and results from logical consequence of every stage. Particular stages can be gathered into three steps:
  • working out HACCP schedule
  • applying the system
  • verification and sustaining the system.

Increasing the knowledge of importance of the quality systems in production of the staff.
Decreasing additional costs of a production caused by human mistakes, as for example products infection.
Higher reliability and better image of a company among customers and competing companies as well. Possibility of exporting goods on the UE and the US markets.

One of the parts of the HACCP system is the pest and rat control program we execute in close co-operation with our customers. Our company is proud to have appropriate certificates, as TUV Rheinland System HACCP Expert and professionally trained team.

TUV Certificate